Calculate Your ROI from SEO

Total Keywords Volume:
Organic Visitors:


What These Numbers Mean?

The first one shows you the total volume of your two keywords.

Second if you have this volume, it’s not possible that all these users will click precisely on your website.

The amount of clicks you will be getting, depends on how well your website is ranking If it ranks #1, you will be getting 33% of all the volume, #2 will attract 16,6% and for the #3 you will get 9.83% Therefore the average click through rate of top 3 positions will be 19.81%. This is how we calculated the number of visitors to your website.

Since we have the organic visitors and your conversion rate, it is easy to calculate the amount of the lead you will be getting from organic search.

The total profit equals the number of leads times the amount of each leads worth.


What do you need to know to calculate properly the ROI?

Before  you use the calculator you will need to know the following:

  • Keywords
    Which are the keywords you want to target and how much searches they have
  • Conversion Rate
    What is your current conversion rate from organic search
  • Profit Per Lead
    How much is your profit per lead
  • SEO Cost
    What’s the cost of the monthly SEO for your website

Let me give you some more info about each one of these point and how you can find this values.


Target Keywords

These should be your top 1 or 2 keywords that you want to rank for. Ideally, you should choose keywords that are specific to your business and not broad ones.

For example, let’s say you are a dentist in Singapore.

If you are to choose “dentist Singapore” as your main keyword that won’t bring you the optimal results. Simply because it is too broad, therefore the competition will be stronger and it doesn’t have a high buyer’s intent. Low buyer's intent means lower conversion rate.

On the other hand you can focus only on a specific service that you offer - “invisible braces installment in Singapore” for example. It’s true that the keyword won’t have as much volume as the first one, however to rank for this keyword would be easier, it also have a higher buyer’s intent, therefore the user who is searching with these keyword is much more likely to become our real customer.

Now that you know which keywords you will be focusing on, you’d need to find out if there are any people who are searching with these exact keywords. There are a lot of tools that can get the volume, but we prefer SEMRush as it can also suggest you some relevant keywords. Go to, and enter the first of your keyword in the field. Also choose your locality. This will pull out only the volume for this particular location. Repeat the process with your second keywords.

Please note that your keywords should have at least 100 monthly searches.  

What is your Conversion Rate?

First of all, you need to know what is your website’s main goal? In most of the cases this would be either a sale (if it’s an ecommerce) or a lead (contact form submission for example).

If your website has a proper analytics setup, you should easily get this info from your google analytics report. In case you don’t have this setup, you have to know at least how much is your organic monthly traffic and how many leads you get.

For example if you have 1000 visitors a month coming from search engines, and out of these you get 30 leads, then your conversion rate is  3%.

If you have absolutely no idea about your traffic or how many leads you get, you can just use the industry’s average which is 10%.  

How much is your profit per lead?

Or in other words, how much a lead is worth to you?

Before you calculate that you must be know two things: how many people out of those leads, become real customer of your business (1) and how much is your profit per new customer (2).

Let’s say you have 30 leads from search a month and out of those 40% become real customers. That would be 12 new customers per month. Each one of those customers generates a profit of $200, therefore the total profit will be $2,400 (12 new customers X $200 profit each) Finally in order to get the profit per lead we have to divide the total profit to the amount of leads - $2,400 / 30 =  $80


How much is your monthly SEO Investment?

That’s totally up to your SEO agency.

At Purified Marketing our monthly SEO pricing starts from $900 / month.

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